Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's 8:42 AM and I'm hitting the keyboard again. I'm sure my children look at me and think "Mom - Fail". Our most recent conversation. "Are you going to make breakfast or what?" "You're almost 17 years old, I think you can make yourself breakfast. And make some for your sister while you're at it." Yeah, I suck. Meanwhile, my husband feels completely neglected. A whole weekend has gone by and I've talked to him twice, for about 3 minutes. But I am so close to finishing this, and I now have a deadline. I want copies to bring to the book fair. After having to order a 2nd proof for the new Reining In cover, I don't want to come in at the last second for Phantom Rising, and not leave myself time to correct any errors. With my biggest fan base being located right there in that school, it has to be ready for them. They have waited patiently for the past year, and well, I owe it to them. Those kids are the reason I continue to write. So, for the next few days, I officially win the Worst Mother EVER award as I lock myself away in my office. Sorry girls! You'll thank me in two days when you get to read it.