Friday, January 21, 2011

More reviews?

I'm a little torn. Reining In has sat at 13 reviews for a long time now. Of course I want more reviews than that. But I'm wondering if the old adage "careful what you wish for" rings true here.
To start with, 13 is my lucky number. Really, it is. My wedding band has 13 stones. My name has 13 letters in it. My office is on 13th street. All but one of my children were born at 13 after the hour. It's a good number. I like it. But do I really want to be stuck at 13 reviews for the rest of my life?
On the other hand, they are all really great reviews. And the next one could be that one bad one that I've been waiting for. I do worry about it. I often wonder if all those people who bought it and read it hated it so much they couldn't even bother to put a review up. Or if people who actually review the books they read are really that rare?
I watched a video put together by R.J. Keller and Kristen Tsetsi. (Paper Rats Studios - These gals rock!!) At the time, I laughed. Funny stuff. That's great. Later I realized, Damn, it's true. We do that! Why do we do that? Hell, I don't know. What I do know is that I have to force myself to stay away from Amazon for more than a day at a time. Otherwise, I'd be checking DTP and the review count every 5 minutes. Seriously. I'm obsessessed some days.
Do you realize how much writing I could get done if I put together all the time I wasted on Amazon? Pretty sure I'd have more than 2 books by now.
So next time you hear me complain about reviews, or sales, or anything else that requires me to get on Amazon to check on it, please just tell me to shut up and go write something! Thanks!